2022 Region Orchestra Audition Materials

OMEA continues the use of online applications for the 2022 Region Orchestras/2023 All-State Orchestra. You will need the following items to apply:

  1. Student and parent e-mail addresses.
  2. Digital recordings of required scales/etudes/excerpts (as listed below)
  3. Your director’s contact information
  4. Your director’s 9-digit NAfME identification number
  5. A credit card for the $15 application fee (paid to Acceptd)

Visit the Acceptd page to learn more and start your application.

Eligibility (from OMEA Rules and Regulations)

  • Students must be in grade 8, 9, 10, 11 to apply
  • Students must be enrolled in their school ensemble*
  • Student’s school ensemble teacher must be an NAfME member with OMEA affiliation
  • Students must participate in all rehearsals and performance of the Southwest Region Orchestra

*If the student is homeschooled, their private teacher must be an OMEA member.

Application Timeline

March 1:
Application and audition material available.

May 31:
Deadline for all applications to be submitted. Please carefully note the specific etude and performance requirements.

August 31:
Notification of results to applicants and directors.

Audition Excerpts


Use the links below to prepare for SWRO 2022 auditions. Please download the ETUDE and EXCERPT, make note of the required scales and arpeggios.

When creating your recording, remember to include all the the following items:

  1. Prepared ETUDE

  2. Prepared EXCERPT

  3. Two scales and arpeggios as noted by instrument.


  • ETUDE: Mazas Etudes Brilliantes, Op. 36, book II No. 43 mm1-24(double bar line). VIOLIN ETUDE
  • EXCERPT: Brahms, Academic Festival Overture, mm84-137(cut time). VIOLIN EXCERPT
  • SCALES: G Major 3-octave scale and arpeggio, Bb Major 2-octave scale and arpeggio.
  • ETUDE: Bruni 25 studies #3 (no repeats). VIOLA ETUDE
  • EXCERPT: Brahms, Symphony #4, mvt IV, mm 41-64.  VIOLA EXCERPT
  • SCALES: C Major 3-octave scale and arpeggio, Eb Major 2-octave scale and arpeggio.
  • ETUDE: Popper Op. 73, Etude #36 mm 1-45.  CELLO ETUDE
  • EXCERPT: Brahms, Symphony No. 3, mvt 3, mm1-39. CELLO EXCERPT
  • SCALES: SCALES: C Major 3-octave scale and arpeggio, Eb Major 2-octave scale and arpeggio.
  • ETUDE: Bottesini, Method for Double Bass, Part 1 Etude No. 25. BASS ETUDE
  • EXCERPT: Beethoven, Symphony No. 3, mvt 2, mm69-114. BASS EXCERPT
  • SCALES: G Major and Bb Major 2-octave scale and arpeggio.
  • SCALES: A Major 3-octave scale and arpeggio.
  • ETUDE: Rimsky-Korsakov, Scheherazade Op. 35, mvt 2, Letter Q to 13 before R  HARP ETUDE
  • EXCERPT: Berlioz, Symphonie Fantastique, mvt 2.Un Bal (skip long notes) HARP EXCERPT

Recording & Submission Instructions

In total, students will upload THREE files: 1) scales, 2) etude, 3) excerpt

At the beginning of each recording, the student must announce their full name and scale/piece title. Recordings must be continuous and cannot be enhanced or edited in any way.

Label your files as follows: “OMEA_22_LastnameFirstname_Type” (type = scales, etude, excerpt).

After You Apply

Results will be listed on the results page and students will be emailed regarding their acceptance.

You will then be asked to submit the $50 participation fee and fill out an emergency medical form.

Leadership Auditions

Students who qualify for All-State Orchestra will be required to participate in live seating auditions in order to determine leadership positions in SWRO. These will take place before the first rehearsal, starting at 5:30pm. Auditions will be based on contrasting excerpts from the repertoire to be announced. Information will be sent to qualifiers and their teachers once All-State results are announced in August. 

For questions, please contact:

Katie Harford, OMEA SW Region Chair
[email protected]