OMEA continues the use of online applications for the 2017 Regional Orchestras. Please be aware the online application does not change how recordings are made, only how applications and recordings are submitted. You will need the following items to apply:

  1. Student and parent e-mail addresses.
  2. Digital recordings of required etudes/solos/scales/warm-up (as listed below)
  3. Your director’s contact information
  4. Your director’s 9-digit NAfME identification number
  5. A credit card for the $15 application fee (paid to Acceptd)

More information about using Acceptd can be found on the OMEA Website.

Visit the Acceptd page to start your application.


Eligibility (from OMEA Rules and Regulations)

  • Students must be in grade 8, 9, 10, 11 to apply
  • Students must be enrolled in their school ensemble*
  • Student’s school ensemble teacher must be an NAfME member with OMEA affiliation
  • Students must participate in all rehearsals and performance of the Southwest Region Orchestra

*If the student is homeschooled, their private teacher must be an OMEA member.

Application Timeline

March 1:
Application and audition material available.

May 31:
Deadline for all applications to be submitted. Please carefully note the specific etude and performance requirements. They are all different for 2017.

August 31:
Notification of results to applicants and directors.

Audition Excerpts

Use the links below to prepare for SWRO 2017 auditions. Please download the excerpts, making special note of the tempo and style markings as you prepare.

Each student (after announcing name and instrument) will next record all TECHNICAL Etudes listed below and next record the LYRICAL passages listed for their instrument. Finally, Orchestra strings must record the required scales listed for their instrument. See details below.

  • TECHNICAL: Kreutzer 42 Studies for Violin: Etude #10; Start at beginning through first note of measure 27. Metronome marking of quarter note = 66 throughout. 2017 VIOLIN technical
  • LYRICAL: Mozart Symphony No. 39, Mvt. 2: Using Violin 1 part, record measures 1-27 with no repeats. Metronome marking of eighth note = 88 throughout. 2017 VIOLIN lyrical
  • SCALES: Record a 3-octave G major scale and a 2-octave Bb major scale.
  • TECHNICAL: Mazas 30 Etudes Speciales, Opus 36, Book 1: Etude #18; Start at beginning through measure 28. Metronome marking of eighth note = 118 throughout. 2017 VIOLA TECHNICAL
  • LYRICAL: Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 6, Mvt. 2; Using Viola 1 part, record measures 112-150. Metronome marking of quarter note = 152 throughout. 2017 VIOLA lyrical
  • SCALES: Record a 3-octave C major scale and a 2-octave Eb major scale.
  • TECHNICAL: Popper 40 Studies “High School of Cello Playing”, Opus 73: Etude #11; Start at beginning through measure 24. Metronome marking of quarter note = 88 throughout. 2017 CELLO technical
  • LYRICAL: Dvorak Symphony No. 8, Mvt. 4; Using Cello 1 part, record measures from rehearsal A to rehearsal D with no repeats. Metronome marking of quarter note =108-116 throughout. 2017 CELLO lyrical
  • SCALES: Record 3-octave C major scale and 2-octave Eb major scale.
  • TECHNICAL: Sturm 110 Studies, Opus 20, Volume 1: Study #19; Record measures 11-20. 2017 BASS technical
  • LYRICAL: Storch-Hrabe 57 Etudes, Volume 1: Etude #4; Record measures 1-10. 2017 BASS lyrical 1
  • SCALES: Record 2-octave G major scale and 2-octave Bb major scale.

Solo Requirement

YES! String students applying in Southwest Region must submit an excerpt from a prepared solo, approximately two minutes in length. This excerpt should be representative of the student’s best work and display a range of skills, if possible. When completing the application on Acceptd, simply upload the solo excerpt as an additional file.

We apologize for any confusion concerning this requirement as we work to coordinate with the other OMEA regions.


After you audition

Results will be listed on the results page and students will be emailed regarding their acceptance.

You will then be asked to submit the $50 participation fee and fill out an emergency medical form.


For questions, please contact:

Felipe Morales-Torres, OMEA SW Region Chair
(513) 549-6709